A Memory Neural System Built Based on Spiking Neural Network


Published:28 June 2021 | https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0925231221002988

Hu He, Qilin Wang, Xu Yang, Yunlin Lei, Jian Cai, Ning Deng


Memory’s mechanism has always been the most tempting treasure for researchers. Many contributions have been delivered to unearth the mystery of memory. In this paper, we present our effort at attempting to reveal the mechanism of memory through computational neuroscience approach. We have constructed a structural efficient memory neural system with three modules, which could simulate the process where new memory is generated and kept and could be extracted. We have proved that new connections grow during the memory forming phase are vital for the keeping of memory. We propose that neurons in the memory layer could be divided into two kinds of neurons: neurons serve as interfaces for memory, and neurons serve as the main body for the keeping of memory. We also provide a method to regulate the memory layer to avoid epileptic states and work properly. The result shows our method could generate memory neural system with reasonably high memory extraction accuracy, high energy efficiency, and high robustness for different input stimulations.